“Archie Clifford is an artist with words… reading his copy puts you into the same dreamy sense of delirium that usually requires an expensive glass of red wine, without the hangover.”

Rowan Gormley

CEO, Majestic Wines

Customer Friendly Copywriting

Can we have a word?

So, you have a brilliant business. The best product in town. Backed by service that’s second to none. But you’ve got 7 seconds to grab the customer’s attention. And all the best chat up lines have gone.

Well, you’re in luck. At Sticky Words we can make you sound like the business equivalent of a sticky toffee pudding.

How? First we plop every word in the dictionary into a big bucket. Then we stir in your industry specific ones (wearing our best yellow Marigolds). Next we take out the boring bits – the jargon, the cliches, the corporate waffle. After that we squish it all down until only the juiciest words are left.

These we bottle up to spread all over your advertising, websites and marketing materials. All over your customer service comms. Let’s say over everything your customer reads. Like a big dollop of honey on a slice of hot buttered toast. Yum. Our clients tell us it’s the stuff that keeps their clients coming back for more.

Can we sell you a jar?

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