“Safe, predictable copywriters are two-a-penny. At the other end of spectrum there’s Archie Clifford – a writer who grabs your attention from word one and never lets go. Quite simply the best I’ve ever worked with.”

Tony Wood

Founder & MD, X Factor Communications

Copywriter seeks client for loving relationship

If this was a date we’d probably be grinning at you over the doughballs at Pizza Express. We’re so cheap. I know we only just met and everything but we just wanted to say, we really like you.

Yes, of course we’ve had other clients

But they were all loving long-term relationships. Do we still see them? Ooh look, it’s raining. Where the hell are our pizzas?

What we’re trying to say is, we’re Sticky Words. Oh, and I’m Archie, the head copywriter around this place.

I’ve been a copywriting addict for 20 years

First as an in-house writer with a global brand, then a senior copywriter, then head of a large studio of creatives. I finally left corporate nirvana to set up Sticky Words in 2014. I’ve been writing freelance copy for a number of local and national brands ever since.

In 2016 we signed our second full-time copywriter-stroke-art director, Amis. He’s a volcano of ideas, and together we make a mean creative pair. Amis’s knowledge of technology and the youth market complements perfectly my zimmer-frame knowhow and decades of experience writing about everything from pensions and life insurance to home relocations and wine. Especially the wine, where we find research is the copywriter’s best friend.

“A good copywriter uses the power of words to convince more people to spend their money with businesses like yours.”
Let me put everything on the table. When you brief in a job to Sticky Words, there’s a 95% chance that your copy will be written by me.

I’ve been crafting highly polished advertising, marketing & customer service copy for a large chunk of my grown-up life

So, hopefully that’ll be a positive.

For conceptual jobs I work in a creative pair with Amis. If we need more resource I reach for the big red flashing bat-phone on my desk with the DEFCON 2 flag on top. That patches me through to a crack network of Norfolk-based copywriters and designers I’ve worked with over 20 years. We like to keep things in the family, here in Norfolk.

But nothing ever goes out the door without it being checked, scribbled all over, red-lined, proof-read, double-checked and signed off by me. I tried rehab, it didn’t work.

“Is your marketing copy helping your business grow, or holding it back? Does it focus on what’s most important to your customers? Or just parrot the same old corporate drivel as other companies?”
Can I just say, I know you’re probably checking out the local talent. I’m guessing they sent round a suit to chat about a ‘long term relationship’. No doubt their website has day-glo panels with green out of red text, all their creatives look like Andy Warhol and their client list reads like a roll-call of the FTSE 100.

But hold on right there. Before you fall for that dazzling toothpaste-ad smile, who do you think will pick up the tab for their big swanky pad in the city? And do you seriously imagine a year from now they’ll still be dying in a ditch over your split-infinitives? Nurturing every umlaut of your ambient beermat campaign, like they did on that first date? Having your back when the legal amends come in at 9pm and you need to get it out the door by 10? Or will they just be down the pub with their mates?

“Does your copy sound like you speaking aloud? Does it get across the kind of buzz and excitement you feel about your company? Using words that keep the reader glued to the page? If not, why not?”

At Sticky Words we work mostly with long-standing clients who love the fact that they can look our writers in the eye

There’s no middle man. We don’t have account handlers or ‘relationship builders’. Just copywriters.

We’re run by copywriters, staffed by copywriters

Our life is one long funfest of brainstorming, crafting and fine tuning highly polished prose that brings home the bacon for YOU. We think it’s the best job in the world. Just sitting at a big desk surrounded by coffee cups and balls of screwed up paper. Doodling away while we chew on our Pentel ultra-fine 0.5mm pens and gaze out the window, hoping an idea will fly past. Ooh look, there goes another.

Image of BIG ideas jar

Phone: 01508 530623 / 07941 281653
Email: hello@sticky-words.com

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