“I don’t know many who can do what you do with words. It’s a rare and extremely valuable skill.”

Andrew Inwood

Founder & Principal, CoreData

10 killer questions to ask your copywriter

Who do you work with?

People like you who are looking for the best way to get your brand across to all those customers out there in the big shiny world.

Big companies

Are you a frazzled Marketing Director with a drop dead campaign to get out the door? Control been done to death but the new creative just isn’t cutting it? We can save your bacon. If you’re vegetarian, make that a nut-roast.

Medium sized companies

Are your conversion rates creeping lower than a snake’s bell-bottomed turn-ups? Maybe it’s because your marketing materials read like manuals for Lithuanian light-fittings. Fear not. We can turn them into page-turners your customers won’t be able to put down.

Little diddy-sized companies

So you don’t have a big swanky office or marketing team. The most important thing you have is your brand. Get that right and your business will stand a chance. The right tone of voice is essential. It expresses your brand’s personality, and sets you apart from all those other nasty companies trying to steal your business. If you’re struggling to stand out from your competitors in a saturated market, we can make your product or service sound like banoffee pie. And we LOVE banoffee pie.

Creative agencies

Has a sudden spike in work left you with more briefs than an underwear saleswoman at a lingerie convention? Copywriters gone down with the office lurgy? If you need an extra pair of hands to help you deliver on brief and on time, give us a shout.

Where do you hang?

We’re based in Norfolk, but the internet has shrunk the world to the size of a pea, so wherever you are in the pea, you’re only ever a phone call, email or Skype away from some Sticky Words.

If you’d like us to pop into your office, no worries. Oh, and we don’t have the overheads of a big London agency to add to your bill. Which is a cracking reason to get Sticky.

How horrible are you to work with?

We knew you’d ask that. Creatives can be such sensitive poppets. At Sticky Words our copywriters are fully potty trained, and super friendly.

We love nothing better than a good old natter with you before, during and after the job. That’s to understand 100% what the mission is before we start, and make sure you’re happy with every word of copy, at every stage. There’s never any ‘suit’ between you and the person lovingly crafting your copy.

What’s the damage?

We can quote you for the job upfront so you know exactly how much to budget. Or we can let you have our highly competitive day rate. To be honest, it works out about the same. And we give discounts to charities and start-ups.

You may find cheaper (as chips) writers who’ll churn out pages of content for peanuts. But if money is that tight you might as well keep it in your pocket and do it yourself. The quality will probably end up better.

Think of your marketing copy as the front door to your business. You can have it beautifully fitted by a professional wordsmith, or hanging off the hinges.

A good copywriter should pay for themselves many times over in increased response rates, sales, customer retention and loyalty.

We've a problem with people falling off our website - can you help?

You bet. Is your homepage bouncier than a trampoline? Or does your online sales funnel generate more customer queries than sales?

Every person who goes off in a huff is not just a lost customer. Many leave negative reviews. We can do a quick audit of your copy and suggest ways to make your customer journey more friendly. Or we can supply template copy for the trickiest and most frequent queries you receive. We can soothe those ruffled feathers and turn Mr Angry into Mrs Advocate.

Sticky Words, in the right place, will keep more customers on your site, and keep them coming back for more.

Our customer service letters are a bit formal - can you make them more friendly?

Oh god, this sounds like our dream job. We see so many companies with word-perfect websites and advertising, whose marketing communications read like hate mail from the taxman.

We can make sure everything is much more joined up by injecting your company’s personality into every letter, email and message. So it reads like the same person who wrote your shiny homepage wrote your Terms and Conditions. And they both give the customer a giggle. If that’s your aim.

What sets Sticky Words apart from other copywriters?

It’s a trade secret. We’d have to shoot you if we told you. Only joking. Really, there’s no big mystery. It’s all about attention to detail, and sweating every word. Before we write a syllable we first immerse ourselves in your world, so we can:

  • Better understand the business challenges you face.
  • Get a feel for your brand and tone of voice.
  • Suss out what your competitors are up to.
  • Find out what keeps your customers awake at night.
  • Winkle out your USPs, and translate your features into customer benefits

Only then do we roll up our sleeves, crack our knuckles, and fire up the Macs.

If that sounds easy, so does kicking a football. In reality it takes years of practice to get any good. At Sticky we’ve been honing our copywriting skills on clients big and small for the last 20 years. We like to think we’re the Leo Messi of copywriting. (Lionel’s cousin.)

How can you make our business stand out from the crowd?

Good question. If you’re lucky enough to have a niche product that nobody else is offering, Sticky Words will promote it in ways that’ll make your customers wonder how they ever survived without it. But if, like most companies, you’re operating in a highly competitive market, we’ve a box of verbal tricks that’ll make your vanilla-flavoured widget seem bigger, faster, prettier and cleverer than everybody else’s.

Thankfully, most business writing is about as enjoyable to read as a phone directory. Stuffed full of cringe-worthy cliches about “our passion for customer underpants and commitment to excellent socks”. All it conveys is how like every other company you are. The good news is, even a little zigging can give you a major competitive advantage when the rest of the world is zagging.

Your business should have a point of difference that makes you stand out from the crowd. Like a mohican in a roomful of baldies. A bit of attitude. A personality. Maybe a quirky tone of voice. Something that stops the reader in their tracks and makes them think, ooh, hello.

At Sticky Words we see our job as injecting that personality into your writing. To keep your customers purring and drive up sales.

Why don’t we just write the copy ourselves?

Fair point. By all means have a crack. Who knows, you might be the next David Ogilvy. But if it isn’t your day job, writing your own marketing copy may at best be a false economy.

Done badly, it can damage your brand and even go viral. That’s viral, in a bad way. We’ve all seen examples. A reputation that took years to build, unravelled in the blink of a dangling participle. Whereas professional, well-written copy should always pay for itself in increased sales and customer retention. Our 20 years working out down the copywriting gym have given us big writing muscles.

We know you know your business inside out, but with all your day to day tasks, coming up with fresh, engaging content on a regular basis is a massive ask. And it’s possible to be TOO close to your product to see it as the rest of the world does.

We can give you that fresh pair of eyes. By immersing ourselves in your world we’ll provide copy that hits the mark with your target audience every time. And you’ll have the reassurance of knowing specialist wordsmiths are making it as good as it can be.

How do I know if Sticky Words will be right for us?

Just get in touch. Give us a call (on 01508 530623 or 07941 281653) or ping over a quick email and we’ll get back for a chat.

And if you’d like a taster of what Sticky Words can do for your business, we’ll write you a small copywriting test piece, on the house.

Phone: 01508 530623 / 07941 281653
Email: hello@sticky-words.com

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